Building Cleaning

Building CleaningOBJECTIVE of Building Cleaning

The objective of Building Cleaning standard for Building Cleaning is to ensure that all building under the Company control is maintained in a clean and good state of repair as per the company and legal requirements and the company is complying with the all legal requirement to avoid any fines by the authorities. Building cleaning is also important to maintain the good hygiene and work environment and to reduce the workplace illness.


All buildings used by the Company.


  • Project Managers to ensure that all repairs are completed in time and all deviations are corrected.
  • Health and Safety Committee Chairman / Designated Responsible Person to ensure the respective Health and Safety Representatives inspect all areas at least once per month.
  • Health and Safety Representatives To ensure that they inspect the area to which they have been designated and submit the Inspection Report to the Health and Safety Committee. They are to follow up the initial inspection to ensure corrective action has been taken.


  • Health and Safety Representative‚Äôs Reports
  • Monthly Checklist
  • Health and Safety Representative‚Äôs Appointment


  • Diagram of Established Layout
  • Environmental Regulation
  • General Safety Regulations


  • All buildings shall be kept in a good state of repair at all times.
  • In rooms where people work there shall only be sufficient materials for the work process.
  • All floors shall be maintained in a clean, slip-free state, and they shall be free of any protruding objects or holes.
  • All walkways shall be kept free of any obstacles at all times.
  • The surrounds of offices, flammable liquid stores, industrial gas stores, equipment stores, etc., shall be kept clear of grass and other accumulations of combustible rubbish at all times.
  • The total site shall be divided into areas and allocated to a Health and Safety Representative, who shall inspect they are at least once a month and a written report on the findings, submitted to the Health and Safety Committee for action.