Hand Tools Maintenance

Hand Tools MaintenanceOBJECTIVE of Hand Tools Maintenance

The objective of Hand Tools Maintenance standard is to ensure adequate control is maintained over the condition, use and storage of hand tools.


Do the Construction Divisions use all hand tools, including but not restricted to hammers, chisels, screwdrivers, wrenches, spanners, etc? For this purpose of this standard, Pneumatic and Explosive Powered Tools will be included as Hand tools.


Machinery Supervisor

Is to ensure that all Hand tools are maintained in a safe condition at all times.

Is to ensure that the Company and Contractors to the Company comply in every respect with the requirements of these standards, Inspect such equipment MONTHLY and record the findings in a register

Are to ensure that all hand tools are used in a safe manner and those only authorized persons, trained in their use pneumatic and explosive powered tools.

Project Health and Safety Staff

Is to co-ordinate the training of Explosive Powered Tool Operators and are to maintain the training records.

Are to assist Supervisors in ensuring that all employees are aware of and comply with this standard.


  • Health and Safety Representatives Reports
  • Health and Safety Representatives Inspection Report
  • Explosive Power Tool Register / Checklist
  • Artisans’ Tool Stock List

 General Hand Tools Maintenance

  • All artisans are to have their hand tools inspected on a weekly basis by their respective foreman and tools found to be in an unsafe condition must immediately be removed from service and repaired or discarded.
  • All hand tools must be maintained in a clean, safe and serviceable condition at all times, e.g. free from oils and grease, chisels and screw driver handles not broken, etc.
  • Incorrect tools should not be used for any task, e.g. screwdriver as chisel, pipe as hammer, etc.
  • No chisels must be used with “Mushroomed” heads, if found they must be removed from service and the “Mushroom” ground down or the chisel discarded.
  • All files must be fitted with handles and no hammer must be used if the handle is damaged or cracked. Damaged/cracked hammer handled must be replaced with new handles.
  • All custom-made hand tools intended for use must be approved prior to being used on any Project.
  • Trolleys, push-carts, etc., are for the purpose of this Standard considered to be hand tools and therefore must be identifiable (numbered) and inspected at least once per month. The inspections are to be recorded in the appropriate register.
  • It may be required on some Projects to use non-spark tools in certain areas. Project Management and Field Supervision are to ensure that all employees are aware of special arrangements in this regard.