Highly Flammable Liquids

Highly Flammable LiquidsObjective of Highly Flammable Liquids (HFL)

Objective of Highly Flammable Liquids (HFL) safety is very important for the workplace, employees and company reputation and to ensure that the workplace is safe for employees. In case of fire Highly Flammable Liquids can cause disaster and may lead to very serious incident, property damage, temporary or permanent physical injuries and restricted work related injuries. Due to incident following will be effected

  • Property
  • Physical injuries
  • Environment
  • Death

Storage & use of Highly Flammable Liquid (HFL)

Hazard / Risk / Consequences

  • Fire – Property Damage, Injury to personnel, Death
  • Explosion – Death, Property Damage
  • Contact with eyes – Burns, Visual impairment, eye irritation
  • Contact with skin – Frost Burns, loss of limb, skin irritation
  • Inhalation of chemical leading to respiratory irritation

Actions required to reduce or control risks

  • Approved method Statement / Risk assessment must be in place prior to start the work activity
  • Ensure Job safety analysis (JSA) /Prestart briefing/TBT is given.
  • Minimum quantities to be held of Highly Flammable Liquids on site.
  • Suitable fire resistant store required with signage warning of Highly Flammable Liquid, with bonding, to contain and prevent accidental release of liquids stored.
  • Highly Flammable Liquid to be kept in containers 5l capacity for petrol with max 50l and must be 2 m from any buildings.
  • No naked flames allowed near Highly Flammable Liquid, and suitable fire equipment near locations, ensure firefighting equipment in place (Dry Powder/Foam).
  • Spillages should be soaked up with sand or absorbent
  • Wearing appropriate PPE recommended in label of tin/drum/cylinder and disposed of by manufacturer’s instructions.
  • All spillages must be reported as incidents.
  • Adequate ventilation required for use and storage of Highly Flammable Liquid.
  • Materials Safety Data Sheets to be issued from supplier, and control of substances hazardous to health Assessment done on site.
  • Need to Maintain control of substances hazardous to health registers for use/storage of Highly Flammable Liquid.