Installation and Relocation of FCU’s

Installation and Relocation of FCU'sScope of Installation and Relocation of FCU’s:

This method statement is applicable for Installation and Relocation of FCU’s in the retail unit

Methodology and Sequence of Installation and Relocation of FCU’s:

  • All operative team shall attend safety induction meeting and wear PPE.
  • RAMS briefing shall be conducted to all operatives/foremen/supervisor before commencement of work.
  • Pre start briefing shall be done for operative on location before commencement of work.
  • All the power tool shall be 110v and PAT tested for every 3 months and color coded.
  • Permit to work system requirements must be followed if necessary for the work. Work permit shall be obtained from Excel.
  • Mobile scaffold shall be erected and inspected by a trained person and tagged.

Installation of Fan Coil Unit (FCU)

  • Ensure the availability of approved shop drawings at site before commence installation.
  • Material Site Inspection should be approved by a consultant before commence the work at the site.
  • Remove the existing controls and disconnect the Electrical power.
  • Ensure working area has to be isolated with warning tape and proper signage is provided.
  • Isolate the chilled water lines by closing the valves and disconnect the line from coils by using pipe wrenches and other hand tools such as spanners.
  • The eisting FCU valve packages will be stripped out
  • Slowly remove the supports by loosening threaded rod. Once all bolts are loosened, remove supporting channels and dismantle FCU.
  • Provide supports for FCU’s as specified in newly proposed areas.
  • New FCU support will be done using unifix and threaded rod
  • Vibration isolators as per requirement will be installed
  • New FCu will raise to the supportsRisk Assessment, Method Statement (RA Install chilled water lines and valve package, ducting.
  • Carry out necessary testing and commissioning.
  • Remove tools, equipment and leave the site in a clean & tidy condition.
  • For the FCU relocation purpose need to dismantle the FCU and accessories from Base build location then install as per IFC design location.
  • 4people will be required for this scope of work along with the scaffolding.

General Guidelines for the Safe Use of a Mobile Scaffold

  • Post a sign indicating that only authorized staff are allowed to use a mobile scaffold.
  • Mobile scaffold must be used only on a hard level surface and must not be located closer than 1 m to any slab edge, unless a fixed fence, rail or suitably high upturn is in place.
  • Physical defects must be checked before every use, including the access ladder.
  • Ensure the scaffold is level and ensure all sections are pinned or appropriately secured.
  • Keep scaffold loads to a minimum (including tools and other equipment) and remove when the scaffold is not in use.
  • Where practicable, portable barriers and lights should be placed around the scaffold while in use. · Ensure guardrails and toe boards are in place on all open sides.
  • Never move the scaffold while someone is on it.
  • Secure materials before moving the mobile scaffold · Remove the loads including tools after using the scaffold.

1) Ensure the area of work is free loose debris and trip hazard.
2) mobile scaffolding must be checked and erected by qualified inspectors for satisfactory condition weekly.
3) Mobile scaffolding must be erected by a qualified/ competent erector.
4) Safety equipment (example hard hats, safety shoes, safety jacket, gloves , goggle when necessary etc) to be worn at all times.
5) As pre task safety briefing must be given by the supervisor to all parties involved in the task prior to work commencing.
6) No work will be started until this method statement and associated risk assessment has been approved understood by operative carrying out the works.

7) All the power tools shall be 110v and PAT tested for every 3 months and colour code.
8) The area should be isolated making sure nobody can pass below or near it. A barricade should be arranged